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LFC is active in the field of the conditioning of liquid products. From the formulation with the mixture of your products, to the choice of the containers to the filling of those, LFC guides you in your choices or applies simply your solutions.

Our possibilities of filling relate to a range of containers from 50ml to 1000L.

To bring you the service you deserve, LFC places at your disposal the following infrastructures and equipment:

• building of 4500m2,

• More than 100.000L of liquid storage out of tanks

• Material of conditioning, fast, precise, flexible device and modular (Lines car and semi - automatics)

• Research and control laboratory of the productions including/understanding (e.a.) the following equipment:

   • Infra-red spectrophotometry
   • Visible spectroscopy UV
   • Gas chromatography with mass spectrometer
   • Ultimate analysis of the atoms by ICP/plasma gun
   • Analyze cations and anions by ionic chromatography
   • Analyze organic molecules by GCMS
   • Determination of the DCO and DBO


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